Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

If the Commemoration of September 11 and Idul Fitri Simultaneously?

The latest poll conducted Times magazine says that 43 percent of Americans view Muslims negatively.
25 percent of respondents who voted on this poll also assess the Muslims who live in the state are not nationalists. This poll also shows 29 percent of Americans do not like a Mormon, whereas the other 17 did not like Catholics. Similarly, 13 percent of Americans holds a negative against Protestants and Jews.
U.S. government's negative propaganda against Muslims and seals pejoratif terrorists against the Islamic religion is the main motive of media agitation relative influence public opinion Uncle Sam's country. Of course this sparked fears of U.S. Muslims themselves. For this reason, the U.S. proposed the establishment of the Muslim Council of Islamic Center near Ground Zero, site of peristiwa11 September. U.S. Muslims, as any other citizen in this country deplored the tragedy.
Still, some right-wing group is trying to push the U.S. Muslim community, so that a Muslim country worrying about the media agitation bersamaannya Eid celebration and commemoration of September 11.
Regarding this, the spokesman for the Islamic adviser in Los Angeles, said U.S. security forces received a message that at the feast of Eid al-Fitr should apply special safeguards. Emphasized, will be held on September 11 anti-Muslim agitation and concern this year is higher than the previous. Because the most likely attack on Muslims on Eid day.
He says that the anti-Islam demonstration on September 11 is very worrying, and anti-Islamic groups would be threatened indirectly. Thus, spokesman for the Islamic adviser in Los Angeles, urged the police and security forces are preparing themselves at the highest level that Muslims are not the target of action of anti-Islam group discrimination.
News about the planned construction of a mosque around the ruins of the twin World Trade Center buildings in New York and the news made the attack a church in Florida, the United States for the mosque and burned the Koran sparked fears of an escalation of U.S. Muslims themselves. (IRIB / PH / RM

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