Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

slam Religion of Peace - Islam is a religion of peace, religious tolerance, religion that upholds humanitarian values and oppose pengkrusakan or murder, either carried out massive or against individuals.
There are five important human rights are respected and nurtured by the Islamic religion, the Religion, Life, Wealth, and Honorary nasab.
Siapun the abuse and crimes against five human rights is unacceptable, and Islam gives a very heavy penalties against perpetrators.
Allah swt. said:
"Whoever kills a human being is not because that person killed someone else (not because qishash), or for mischief in the earth, as if he killed all mankind, and whosoever will maintain the life of a human, would be as if he had maintain a fully human life. "Al-anymore: 32
Islam prohibits using any means to achieve goals. In this atmosphere of war uproar once, Islam provides guidelines and ethical battle should not kill people, who had surrendered, should not kill women, old people, small children, may not damage the plants, or places of worship. Prisoner of war in Islam as well guarded and treated humanely.
Therefore, every act of violence, murder or bombing, then the action is not intolerable, unacceptable, whoever the perpetrators, whatever their religion. And Islam is innocent of actions. "God knows best

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